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The educational goal is to cultivate students’ English language ability with a secondary focus on another international language, and to equip them with a sense of liberal humanism and a global vision.  The program goes beyond basic language training and brings together three important disciplines: Literary Studies, Linguistics, and Language Teaching. Language learning demands both cultural and professional knowledge. The MA program cultivates professional language and skills in international business communication. The master program’s new title is dedicated to preparing future business professionals by cultivating students with business knowledge and skills—especially the capability to conduct planning, executing, and evaluating business practices correspondingly with business and cross-cultural communicating skills in English—for globalized business corporations.


Bachelor of Arts

The undergraduate program encompasses basic and advanced Language Training, Literary Studies, Linguistics, and Language Teaching.  Students develop communication capabilities and professional aptitudes that will benefit their career goals. The department also offers certification programs that widen students’ familiarity with interdisciplinary skills across various departments within the College of Humanities and Management. These special programs include: English and Entrepreneurship; International Tourism. Internationalization on campus is also actively promoted. We offer Distance Education courses that provide real-time teaching in multiple classrooms around the world, as well as student exchange programs that enable our students to study at well-known partner universities overseas and invite international students to join us. Students graduate from our Department with an expanded awareness of and familiarity with world cultures, providing them with a global vision that is unique among all the colleges of the university.


Master’s Program

In addition to the past achievements in TESOL, our Graduate Program has shifted its focus in the academic year 2019 from TESOL to International Business Communication which is more attuned both to the needs of students and those of the era of globalization. Students enrolled in the program become professional experts in both business management and communication.